Types of Akashic Healing Sessions

Akashic Healing Sessions for individuals

One hour session

My recommendation is to limit the session and the healing to one specific area in order to have a more effective intervention.

What would you like to work on? What are your most urgent blocks, the love area blocks, your energy level, the blocks that are causing an X situation, etc…?

The readings can be done through Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout. The only thing that you need is a good internet connection, a quiet place to stay during de session, and an open mind. After the session I will send you the audio record file, so you can be relaxed in the session.

What do I need from you to do my job?

I need some of your personal data: full name, date and place of birth. Also I need some information about what would you like to work on, your personal situation. Something that you can explain to a friend having a coffee.
In case of working with a place, I need the specific address. I only can open the akashic records of a place for you if you are the owner or the person who rents the place.

How can you pay for the sessions?

If you are in Europe you can pay perfectly by bank transfer. If you are in other places you can pay safely through PayPal.

Akashic Healing Sessions for places

This session is done on my own and I will send you a report with the information and the healing of the place. Did you move to another home recently? Would you like to make an energetic cleansing of your new place in order to eliminate any energetic remanents from the previous owners? Would you like to clean your business place? I can do it for you and I will send you a report with all the work done.

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