“Thank you very much Monica for all the help you gave me in the readings of my Akashic Records! After each reading I feel very happy and released. Each reading is delivered with wisdom, love and compassion, generating confidence and a desire to keep going despite all the difficulties along the way. Hugs and blessings”. Jeannette. – El Salvador.

“”As Monica says, if you come to this is for a reason. My whole family has been benefited with this therapy. It opens your eyes to see things that  can not do it by youself, also help you to understand the reasons about yourself, your situations, etc. You can find the answers to all the things you want to know about your life, your professional orientations, your passions, your behaviors or situations. But the most important thing is that you break the blocks which are a handicap in your development. I personally have experienced the benefits of therapy and Monica as a therapist is EXCELLENT. She has a lot of patience and knowledge. I highly recommend it to all those who have come to this page, do not miss the opportunity to clear your path to make it more fluid your life ” Franklin. – Kuwait.

“During my life I have had many emotional conflicts and many doubts about how to act and why I was repeated the same situations, but thanks to the therapy I am able to understand and accept better what happens to me.” Silvia. – España.

registros akáshicos abundancia

“I wanted to express how happy I was to take the decision of have done the therapy. I found many answers to situations that were always repeated in my life, and step by step I am perceiving positive changes since there. During the session  is not only the akashics reading information, also is healing at the same time. I recommend it 100%.” Joana. –  Reino Unido.
“”I came to Monica because I had a very difficult time at that moment. I felt that some areas of my life were not flowing as they should be and needed some answers about that. Through your guidance and healing I have removed barriers, fears, blockages, and limiting beliefs. Since there, I am feeling more relaxed, harmonious woman, with much more confidence, and more conscious about my life. I learn how important is to live here and now and trying to reach my greatest potential. I am deeply grateful and fortunate to have met her.” Dahiana. – Costa Rica.
“I’m feeling much better, and with more professional projects,  finally !!. Since we had the session, I started feeling better,  with more energy. When I came to her I was in my minimal energy level, with a lot of concerns, specially in the professional field. After having the session I noticed that my professional projects started to move again after 5 months of being stopped.” Mónica. –  México.
“Monica really, my experience with this therapy is incredible, I would be happy doing it every week, I feel super good. I saw the changes in myself, in muy life, from the first moment. I appreciate your work and your help. Also you are always available when I have doubts and I appreciate that very much. My recommendation is if you can do it and live your own experience, go ahead. Certainly,  you will see the positive changes as we saw my husband and I. God bless your work.”. Andreina. – Venezuela.
“Since I met this therapy, I face the daily difficulties in my life with a calm way and a selfconfidence attitude. I have been able to give meaning to different situations that I have lived in the past or in the present moment. I´m taking these situations as a new chance to grow and a lesson to be learned. It helps me to   taking them as a lesson to be learned. It helps me to face my limitations and to improve myself “. Bea. – España.
“The Akashic healing sessions have given to me the proper tools to manage my complex situations also to succeed managing my anxieties for the future. Connecting to my “Higher Self” I have discovered how I create my own problems and concerns. I notice how my fears and insecurities works against my inner peace, my self-confidence. All of these fears have created to me doubts about my talents, inner resources, and abilities. Also this situation made to me open the door to others to steal my energy. From this therapy I started to closed that door without guilty, which provided me an increase in my energy levels. Everything is connected with my lessons to be learnd, but I have understood that there are another kind to learn these lessons, another  way to walk the chosen path. Healing through the akashics, compared to other therapies, has given to me the possibility to become aware of the state of my energy system, to learn how I can protect myself, and to feel and embrace the loving connection with my “higher self”. Finally I have realized that all the answers I need are inside of me”. Alejandra. –  Argentina.
“It was definitely a beautiful experience. It helped me to understand and to be conscious about many things that have happened to me in my life, and especially to release myself increasing my energy level.  This work  gave me the push that I needed to see life from a new perspective. Thank you very much for your dedication and nice work!”. Melanie. – Chile

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