Some of my training:

Akashic Records Healing Therapist, trained by the EMEDT (Escuela de Metafísica y Desarrollo Transpersonal- Metaphics Training Center) with David Topí as a teacher.

Reality Consciusness Creation trained by the EMEDT (Escuela de Metafísica y Desarrollo Transpersonal).

Regressive therapy in CESTER (Centro de Estudios Superiores de Terapia Regresiva – Regressive Study Center ) following Brian Weiss Methodology.

Mindfulness (MSBR)-

Master in Coaching

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Social Work Degree and Work Sciences Degree

My name is Mónica, and I have been working in HR Consultancy and Coaching Programmes for many companies located either in Spain and other countries. I have also spent some time working an Living in the UK.

I have learnt a lot of things from my experience, but one of the most important  is to understand and adapt my work and style to people from other countries in Europe, Africa, and Middle-East.  During this time, I have helped individuals to achieve their goals through coaching sessions, while I have also helped companies with their HR  Programmes.

These experiences and my own curiosity, led me to discover energy therapies and the Akashics Records, which expanded my consciousness and showed me a new way of working.

Understanding the human multiple dimensions and energy bodies help me to work with the human blocks such as beliefs, behaviours, mental programmings, and negative thougths, among others. I discovered that healing from the non-physical planes, allowed the individuals to experiment a higher level of Wellness which generated a push in their energy levels. Thus, by paying attention to the non-physical cause or origin -in higher planes-, we can have a more powerful personal development. They say that all of the things manifestated in our physical reality, have been first manifested in other non-physical planes. So, in order to heal someone  it is essential to look at the origin, and healing from there. In my sessions I work with the root causes of difficulties in three ways:

1- Reading their Akashics Records and bringing the information in

2- Helping people to understand the cause of their problems and trying to empower them.

3- Removing the blocks in their energy system.

I work both locally in my studio in Madrid (Spain), and remotelly through Skype sessions.

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